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*taps mic* Is this thing on? We're back from sabbatical! In our first post-hiatus episode, Shaun heads to Denver to visit his sister, who left a catering job at a big restaurant chain to run a coffee shop out of a Volkswagen Bus that she bought on impulse off Craigslist. Erika Hildner shares what she's learned as a first-time business owner about risk-taking, customer service, and using common sense.

Show Notes

Take A Break, our last regular episode before sabbatical - 2:47

Why we only work 4 days a week during summer (Signal v. Noise) - 3:02

Carcassonne in southern France is a UNESCO World Heritage site - 4:11

It is also a board game that Shaun enjoys! - 4:14

Wailin thought she discovered Aperol spritzes in Europe but it turns out she was just brainwashed by a liquor brand and has no original ideas or tastes of her own. She still likes to drink Aperol spritzes. - 4:36

All about the viol da gamba - 4:58

It Doesn't Have to be Crazy at Work, due out October 2 - 5:38

The Bean Machine on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram - 6:53

What is Rework?

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