Turning Your Cruising Dreams Into Reality

‘Turning back’ are two words that as a sailor do not bother me.  But I have come across a startling number of sailors who would not consider this an option.  To me, (and the crew of West Wind), the decision to turn back was the brave decision.  It is a success, not a failure to understand the strength of the oceans and unpredictability of such places as Bass Strait, say nothing of self, crew and boat preservation.

Show Notes

It's easy to judge people's decisions, especially those on the water. Being a Skipper must not be taken lightly.  That little piece of paper saying you are a licenced Captain carries a heavy responsibility. 
As a Skipper, you are responsible for everything and everyone on board. You are responsible even when you are not onboard - and even for your crew's actions.
So don't judge decisions and don't criticise those who have a good understanding of the weather and how a handful of small issues can quickly escalate to a possible disaster...

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