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Season 1 of Black Earth podcast is complete! In this episode, the Black Earth team (Marion and Anesu) reflect on their highlights from Season 1, and what it means to re-member our place and relationship with nature. We are joined by three listeners of the Black Earth Podcast community, Amber, Samia and Marjahn, who also share their highlights.
Thank you for rocking with us and see you in Season 2 which will bloom mid-year 2023. In the meantime, you can stay updated by subscribing to our podcast wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts and connect with us on Instagram, Tiktok and LinkedIn @blackearthpodcast.

Episode time stamps
00:00 - Introduction
00:52 - Black Earth Podcast listener - Amber from Texas
01:28 - Our reflections on Amber's feedback - finding community in the environmental movement and being in nature
04:33 - Black Earth Podcast listener - Samia from UK
05:51 - Our reflections on Samia's feedback - climate reparations and reclaiming ideas that have meaning in black communities
13:45 - Profound moments from Season 1
16:43 - The importance of processing black people's deaths in a dignifying way
20:03 - Black Earth Team talk about their relationships with nature
26:56 - Black Earth Podcast guest and listener - Marjahn from Bahamas
29:57 - Our reflections on Marjahn's feedback - centering, affirming, and celebrating our place in nature
37:42 - Season 2 and how you can stay connected with Black Earth Podcast
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Creators & Guests

Marion Atieno Osieyo
Creator and Host of Black Earth Podcast
Anesu Matanda Mambingo
Social Media and Marketing Lead

What is Black Earth Podcast ?

Black Earth is an interview podcast celebrating nature and black women leaders in the environmental movement. Join us for inspiring, informed and authentic conversations on how we can make a positive impact for people and nature worldwide.

Episodes out every Wednesday. Connect with us online @blackearthpodcast on Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok.

Hosted by Marion Atieno Osieyo. Healing our relationship with nature, one conversation at a time.