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Buckle up folks because today is going to be an adventure with our guest, Jimmy Vreeland. Join in and get to know more about who Jimmy Vreeland is, what he does, and how he got there. 
We delve into how he got into starting a podcast with the mission to educate people, his thoughts and definitions of achievement and fulfillment, and his compelling elevator pitch on why passive real estate investments are a wise consideration. He also shares insights on how his military background shaped some of his leadership skills.
Don’t miss his answers to our rapid-fire questions, closing thoughts, inspiration, and recommended actionable steps toward fulfillment. Thanks for listening, enjoy! 
Key Points From This Episode:
•   Why do a podcast and educate people?
•   We delve into the two Hero’s Journeys: chasing achievement and fulfillment. 
•   How Jimmy defines fulfillment and desired M-state.
•   Leadership skills Jimmy gleaned from the army that transferred to his leadership in business.
“I feel like buying real estate without a certain amount of education is like running with scissors.” — Jimmy Vreeland
“Once I realized that there was no success without the abyss, I just started having fun with it.” — Jimmy Vreeland 
“If you are coordinating action with others, it’s a way to be fulfilled and accomplish things with other people.” — Jimmy Vreeland 
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