Life and Gaming

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Introducing your hosts/gamers from oldest to youngest: Jason, Adam, Matt, and Michael. Our team covers a wide spectrum of gaming interests, but above all we're regular gamers just like you. We debate and explore the current issues of the gaming industry and how it relates to our lives.

Show Notes

The team provides a quick description of themselves and briefly outlines our gaming history. We cover diverse experiences of gaming from the good old days of NES to modern-day high-performance shooters. Kick back and relax while we guide you through this journey of sharing who we are.

_Life and Gaming_

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What is Life and Gaming?

Life and Gaming.

We debate and explore all generations of video games, systems, and the industry which drives our hobby. We examine hot, important, and impactful topics in the gaming industry.

We share stories about how each of us relate to different generations of games we experienced growing up while simultaneously learning a little more about ourselves. Take this journey with us as we explore our lives with video games and how those games influence our lives.