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Can you imagine a time where you would just sit and do nothing and still earn money? That will be the time of Data on the Block!

Show Notes

On a daily basis, we accumulate tons of data for big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Uber, so they can use it to their own will. Usually, to sell it. That's how they get to keep their business going and that's how we get cheaper drives, chance to watch favorite YouTubers and stalk people's profiles. But nevertheless, shouldn't we, as makers and owners of the data, be the ones to make a choice what to do with it?

Ivan and Luka in the new Blockchain from the Bloc(k) episode again, together, tackling them questions.

This week we have a guest on the show! It is Gregor Storman, CEO of Honeycomb Colony, who joined in with his perspective as the founder of a startup that is directly concerned with questions of data's 'sharing economy'. Especially the data that would be collected from the IoT devices. Thus, Gregor offers an insight on how we can use blockchain technology to safely restore data to the hands of its owners, the consumer/users. That way only the person whose data is in question can make a final decision what to do with it - whether they will sell it, share it or toss it away.

What is Blockchain from the Block?

Discovering the world of blockchain technology and its potential, from the former Eastern block to the West - it's Blockchain from the Block, your weekly block of blockchain inspiration!