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Christian and Chris are converging their styles.

Show Notes

00:00 Christian and Chris are converging
 00:40 interactions on twitter
 01:47 Audio quality is bad and it's not the microphone's fault
 04:56 Chris's talking head videos
 08:46 Why is Facebook's moneymaker backend so bad?
 15:01 What's the plan for
 20:52 Build your audience first (unless you can build really quickly and cheaply)
 26:16 Manually onboard to make sure you talk to customers
 28:24 Talk to dirty messy humans about their FeElInGs 
30:48 as a productized service? 
37:22 Christian's next week 
39:36 Chris's next week 

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 🎙 Our new matching microphones: 
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 🐦 Some of Chris's talking head videos: 
 💡 Making the Most of Social Media with Whitney Hansen on the Run With It 
 🦓 How To Use Jobs To Be Done To Perfect Your Positioning by Claire Suellentrop:

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Chris and Christian build some software businesses.