Pair at the Point: A Pittsburgh Penguins Podcast

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Discussion of the top line for the Penguins. Analyze player statements from cleanup day exit interviews.

Show Notes

1. Rust 
  • Identity - What was the team’s identity this season? What is it moving forward?
  • League at large - Rust says the league hasn’t fundamentally changed since 16-17, is that so?
  • Physicality - Bigger teams that can skate are winning in recent years; Is there a quick fix to add size
2. Guentzel
  • High quality chances were created consistently; luck was poor, which is bound to happen with a small sample size
  • What is his future with the Pens? Discuss rumors of potential trade this summer.
  • Wants to score goals, has shooter mentality; his mentality changes when he can’t bury
  • Crosby v Malkin - should Guentzel be switched to play on line 2 occasionally
3. Crosby
  • Different problems ended the Penguins' season in the past few years. Does there need to be another major tweak?
  • Discuss each individual loss
  • Keys to win in the playoffs next year
  • What was wrong with Sid? Potential injury to hand?

What is Pair at the Point: A Pittsburgh Penguins Podcast?

The Pittsburgh Penguins podcast of The Faceoff Hockey Network from a hockey obsessed couple. We rant and rave about the team's play, and break down relevant topics around the NHL.