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When someone says, “podcasts changed my life”, you listen. That’s exactly what we talk about in this Content Matterz episode. 

Mark Metry, an important voice for social anxiety and mental health was a featured guest on the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. You can listen to both his episodes here:

Social Anxiety, Bullying, and Meditation
How Podcasts Saved My Life

Clearly, we like podcasts. So hearing this story about how podcasts changed Mark’s life piqued our interest in many ways. I talk about how audio (podcasts and audible books) had an impact on me before, during, and after building KazSource (and still today). 

Mark shares a story of listening to The Tim Ferris Show when Tim Ferris talked about being suicidal in college — Mark at the time he heard that story was suicidal in college. Listening to this episode and thousands more changed Mark’s life — saved Mark’s life.

Sometimes you don’t know how the content you consume will impact you–or how the content you create will impact someone else. It’s simply not all about the return you can spreadsheet. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the return. And sometimes, the return is far greater than anything you could have ever imagined!

In case you haven’t noticed, we love podcasts. In fact, yeah, you should have one. We’ll even build it for you. A podcast that is. Simply contact us here – we’ll get your podcast published, fast. 

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Wrap Up:
  • Thank you for listening to this Content Matterz podcast episode, “Podcasts Changed My Life”.
  • About Mark Metry (as heard in this episode): Mark is an essential voice for mental health — he is the host of the Social Anxiety Society Podcast, he is a 2-time TEDx speaker, he is an entrepreneur, and he is someone who has dealt with social anxiety. Today, Mark Metry helps people manage their social anxiety – he does this through his book Screw Being Shy, talks, posts, coaching, and conversations (just like this one!).
  • This podcast episode exists because of KazCM. The content production company inside KazSource, Inc. Our rallying cry: “content brings people together”.
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