Flushing It Out

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Samantha and Kate Sprague, from Flourish with Kate, sit down to talk about how gardening saved her life and the lessons learned from finding your passion. They also talk about how Samantha saved a woman's life...sort of.

Show Notes

Samantha picks the brain of Kate Sprague, owner of Flourish with Kate, a funky little ad agency.  She shares her passion of gardening and how it saved her life and brought joy into her and her daughters' world. Whether or not gardening is your thing, you will benefit from hearing Kate's story.  Stay tuned until the end for bonus content on ways Samantha has tried to save the world!  You can find Kate at https://www.flourishwithkate.com/

What is Flushing It Out ?

Flushing It Out with Samantha Spittle, the Introvert's Extrovert. The podcast where she talks to people so you don't have to...for now.