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The Jigsaw Puzzle Theory of Business, charging for unfinished projects, automated video editing, and accidentally building a video-editing robot

Show Notes

0:00 Special Acoustic Caulk and manual laber
3:22 The Jigsaw Puzzle Theory of Business
6:10 Slackbot update
9:00 Can you charge for an unfinished project?
10:44 Niching a Time Tracker Coaching Service
22:28 What's next for and Meeting Place?
24:54 Talking to Sign Printers update
30:25 Clipping Microconf Recap
35:17 Effective Time Design
38:07 Automated video editing
45:44 Delegating to machines vs. humans
48:51 AI is coming to take all our jobs unless you're a coach
49:38 When does it make sense to hire humans?

🔗 How to Conduct a Great User Interview:

🔗 How To Use Jobs To Be Done To Perfect Your Positioning:

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Chris and Christian build some software businesses.