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On this episode, I share my journey with a book by Marta McDowell called “Emily Dickinson’s Gardening Life: The Plants and Places that Inspired the Iconic Poet”.

Marta is a writer and a gardener and, according to the back cover of her book, her particular interests lie in authors and their gardens. She wrote Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life as well but interestingly enough she was the Gardener-in-Residence at the Emily Dickinson’s Museum so she had a first hand experience tending to the same plants and flowers Emily did. 

In this book, Marta weaves Emily Dickinson’s love of flowers, plants and gardening with her poems – or at least demonstrates how they inspired and informed one another. I admit, it is an odd choice for a witch podcast. When I bought the book, I had no idea how it would inspire and inform my own magic and healing. I just felt drawn to it so I trusted I would eventually see how it all comes together and I’m so glad I did because there are several reasons why this book deepened my understanding of how to practice magic and tend to my soul.

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What is This Witch Reads?

This Witch Reads is a podcast about a witch’s journey to deepen her magic and spirituality through books. Whether the book is found at the local bookstore, in the forgotten corners of my own bookshelf or recovered from an ancient source, I hope to learn more about the magical path through the written word and I invite you to join me.