The Hospice Chaplaincy Show with Saul Ebema

In today’s episode, Saul and Joe talk with Gabrielle Elise Jimenez a hospice nurse, blogger & author. In her 40’s, Gabrielle went back to school to become a hospice nurse. She shares her difficult journey in her book “Soft Landing”.

Show Notes

Becoming a hospice nurse opened her eyes and changed how she saw her world. She discusses some of the wonderful people she cared for until they passed, and the lessons she learned about life through death.

What is The Hospice Chaplaincy Show with Saul Ebema?

A show about the psycho-spiritual aspects of end of life care. On the Hospice Chaplaincy Show, you will hear stories of experts in the field of end of life care and grief counseling.This fun and educational podcast explores their life stories and theories of practice.