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Diane Lander explains concept-based learning and how it might improve teaching.

Show Notes

Today we are talking about Concept-based instruction with Diane Lander. If you are like me, it seems like I am hearing about concept-based learning and teaching all over. I have had a little bit of introduction to it, but there are some aspects that are still unclear to me. This is why I asked Diane to speak about this important topic.

Diane works as a Curriculum Facilitator with Parkland School Division in Alberta. She has worked as a teacher in the classroom, in government with Alberta Education, in workshops as a facilitator around the province, and now in schools helping teachers have impact in their classroom.

Over the past few years, Diane has been working on proposed curriculum changes in Alberta that focus on Concept-based learning. She is one of the people I trust the most in this area and has the perspective that comes from working with a topic deeply over time. In our conversation, we shift the way we normally progress with guests based on some ideas around concept-based learning.

Many different places around the world are looking at concept-based practices, but there are differing levels of understanding of this concept. I know you will walk away with a better appreciation of what concept-based learning is and how it might improve your impact on learning.

You can connect with Diane on Twitter @DianeLander

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