Invisible to Invincible Podcast: Marketing and Branding for High Achievers

Tired of networking feeling like a chore or dreading the thought of yet another "networking event"? Join host Kendra Losee as she dives into the refreshing world of authentic connection-building with networking guru Rachel Rozen.

Ditch the outdated tactics and discover:
  • Powerful mindset shifts for genuine networking.
  • Proven strategies to build lasting connections that go beyond small talk.
  • Actionable tactics to leverage your network for career advancement, business growth, and beyond!
This episode is your guide to transforming networking from a chore to a strategic asset. Break through plateaus, build a thriving network, and step into your power as a magnetic networker!

Show Notes

Tired of networking feeling like a chore? Imagine turning it into a powerful tool that fuels your career and business success. In this episode, Kendra Losee sits down with Rachel  Rozen, the Networking Guru and founder of Connection Catalyst, to unlock the secrets of building genuine, lasting connections that will elevate your professional life. Ditch the "icky" and embrace the "sticky" power of networking as you learn proven strategies for creating a habit of relationship building and discover how to leverage your network for career advancement, business opportunities, and beyond.

Keywords: networking, career success, business development, connection building, personal branding, authentic relationships, overcoming overwhelm, visibility, influence, leadership, executive coaching, speaker, workshop facilitator, social media, LinkedIn.

Host: Kendra Losee, Comprehensive Business Strategist

Guest: Rachel  Rozen, Networking Guru and Founder of Connection Catalyst

*Kendra introduces herself and welcomes Rachel to the podcast.
*Briefly discuss the importance of networking and common challenges people face.

Building Sticky Connections:
* Rachel shares her story of transitioning from corporate executive to networking expert.
* Discuss the difference between genuine, "sticky" networking and "icky" transactional networking.
* Explain how networking can be a valuable tool for business growth, career advancement, and personal development.

Mindset Shifts for Authentic Networking:
* Highlight the importance of shifting your mindset from "what can I get" to "what can I give."
* Discuss the value of building relationships based on shared interests and genuine connection.
* Explore strategies for overcoming fear and self-doubt when it comes to networking.

Actionable Networking Strategies: 
* Rachel shares her proven strategies for creating a habit of relationship building.
* Discuss specific tactics for building connections at in-person and virtual events.
* Provide tips for utilizing online platforms like LinkedIn for networking effectively.
* Offer guidance on following up with connections and nurturing relationships over time.

Key Takeaways: 
* Networking is a skill that can be learned and mastered.
* Building genuine relationships is essential for career and business success.
* It's important to focus on giving value rather than solely taking.
* Consistent effort and a positive mindset are vital for successful networking.

Top Quotes from the Episode: 
* "Everybody knows that they need to network, but they don't really know how to go about it. So, taking a tactical and strategic approach and teaching them the skill set around relationship building, and how to make it become a habit, because that's really what networking is about. You need to put those little details into place so that you're doing it every day. And then it becomes less cumbersome. And then anybody can become a guru with networking." - Rachel Rozen*

* "I think it's really important, but I want to back up now and talk a little bit about, How you decided to become the networking guru? What was the impetus? What was that pivot point for you to decide to leave your executive role? And you mentioned burnout, but what was the point, the reason, and those decisions of why you decided to leave your executive role and actually launch your company connection catalyst?" - Kendra Losee*

* "Networking is all about building relationships, and relationships are built on trust. And so, when you're networking, you really want to be authentic and genuine, and you want to be yourself. And you want to build relationships with people that you genuinely like and respect and that you can see yourself having a long-term relationship with." - Rachel  Rozen*

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