OneSignal Podcast

Episode 59 of the OneSignal podcast welcomes guest Dmytro Kudrenko.  Dmytro joins the podcast to discuss email design and how email modules enable marketer email flexibility and improves performance.  Dmytro has been working on customer communications, messaging, and user retention for over two decades.  He co-founded Stripo in 2017 to address the need for improved email templates and empower marketers to do more with fewer developer requirements. 
OneSignal is the world’s leading, most popular, and widely used customer engagement platform. Over a million businesses use OneSignal to build omnichannel (email, push, SMS & in-app) customer messaging journeys to drive deeper user engagement, loyalty, and business growth.  
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What is OneSignal Podcast?

A podcast dedicated to helping businesses improve their customer engagement. Covering growth, retention, technical, and industry trend topics, brought to you by OneSignal, the world's most popular customer engagement solution used by 1+ million businesses sending more than 10 billion daily messages.