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When Eric Costanzo became pastor at South Tulsa Baptist Church in 2016, his congregation began supporting local refugees. They discovered a nearby Syrian family, which led to connections with numerous international families. The church's involvement expanded, helping English Language Learners and starting an International and Refugee Ministry, now serving people from over 30 countries. With ERLC support, they navigated political and community challenges, providing practical aid and advocating for refugee policies. Their ministry grew significantly, especially aiding Afghan refugees post-2021, embodying Christ's love in their community.
By offering English classes and practical support, the church has become a crucial resource for newcomers, facilitating their integration into American society. The say partnership with ERLC has been instrumental in overcoming obstacles and enhancing advocacy efforts. Their commitment to serve those in need, especially during critical times like the Afghan refugee crisis, demonstrates the powerful impact of faith-driven community engagement. This ministry stands as a testament to living out the gospel through action and compassion.
Asa and Vanessa Watson, former NFL player and NASCAR employee respectively, serve with the International Mission Board (IMB) in Germany. They build genuine friendships through hosting Bible studies, leading church services in a boxing gym, and providing hospitality. Their openness and willingness to discuss faith have deeply impacted their German community. Despite initial curiosity about their move from the U.S., the Watsons' commitment to their calling and consistent, transparent interactions have fostered meaningful relationships. They are set to become fully funded IMB workers, participating in the SBC annual meeting in June.
The Watsons' ministry also includes running a church service in the same boxing gym where they build friendships, offering a unique environment for worship and community. They have embraced their new culture and lifestyle, demonstrating that genuine relationships and consistent, transparent faith can transcend cultural barriers. Their story exemplifies how diverse backgrounds can be leveraged for impactful ministry, drawing on their experiences from NFL and NASCAR to connect with people in Germany.
Jacki C. King says so much is said in modern culture about being a good leader that people often undervalue the role of the follower.
Based on 1 Cor. 1:10, she writes, “A divided team can’t gain much ground if there are divisions and conflicting end goals. Sabotage happens in small ways—side meetings after the meeting, comments on other staff members’ remarks, and oversharing details with people outside the organization are all examples of well-meaning conversations gone rogue. As staff members, it’s important to ensure that when input is asked for and decisions are made, everyone leaves the room on the same page and with the same voice. Unity is essential; differing opinions and discussions should be encouraged in the decision-making process, but once a decision is reached, it is vital that the team moves forward together. This does not mean that differences of opinion aren’t expressed or that there is a blind eye to sin and lack of integrity.”

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