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Emma is a technology leader, business coach and mentor and discusses the value of having good mentors and a supportive working environment in being able to reach executive levels.

Show Notes

Emma is a motivated, dedicated and energetic leader with diverse experience across the Australian Financial Services sector in Banking and Technology, who is currently focusing on doing what she loves - coaching, people, leadership and her family

Her career as a technology leader and mentor has been supported by:

1.       Great mentors – at each point in her career there was someone pulling her up or cheering her on.  They created leadership opportunities and gave her confidence to become the person she was meant to be
2.       Having a great employer who offers supportive and flexible options to help parents re-entering the workforce is invaluable to so that they continue their trajectory and eventually reach executive positions
3.       Having a good work/life balance is really important
4.       Being aware of bad leaders who can stifle confidence and careers
5.       Deciding to be an authentic, transparent leader, with open communication
6.       Understanding that she could do it and surrounding herself with great people to support her getting there
7.       Being aware of perception and bias and constantly challenging these

The combined support of mentoring and building confidence in younger women, and offering flexible working options as they re-enter the workforce after having children will allow them to grow into the leaders they should become.

What is The Stem Equity Network?

A series of interviews with STEM professionals and leaders, detailing their career highlights and outlining the steps needed to achieve leadership equity.