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In the face of pricing volatility and national-sized competition, old-school relationship-building is the way to go.

Show Notes

The current housing market is one for the books: With the median price of a single-family home in the U.S. sitting at $335,000, we’re seeing record highs. Even then, homes are getting snapped up like hotcakes, as houses stay on the market for an average of only 18 days — another record.

On the outside looking in, that may seem like a good thing — but it’s not that simple.  

“We’ve never had a market this hot on the selling side, which is putting huge pressures on the commodities,” according to Jim Watson, Vice President and co-owner of New Atlantic Builders, a semi-custom homebuilder based in Florida. “Lumber’s gone through the roof, and copper’s gone through the roof, and labor’s increased.” 

Listen to the interview to find out how Jim's team is thriving under the circumstances, despite not being one of "the big boys."

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