Spencer's Serenade

Today I talk to you about dealing with the holiday season and the stressors that accompany it.

Show Notes

Today's episode is me talking to you about the holiday season. I discuss attitudes about the holidays, different ways to celebrate the holidays, and mainly, getting back to the main roots of what these holidays represent. Go out this holiday season and enjoy seeing your family, be more generous, and most of all, take some time for yourself and relax. We all work too hard all year and deserve breaks like this, so go out and enjoy these breaks you get. In the name of the holiday spirit, feel free to donate to the show on Venmo or subscribe to the Patreon. Make sure to follow the show's Instagram page to show support. Most of all, keep listening, I really appreciate all your listening support as it helps keep me motivated to keep making episodes! If you feel you'd be a good guest on the show, write into the email and let me know.
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What is Spencer's Serenade?

Thank you for joining me on this podcasting journey. This podcast will be focused on dealing with everyday problems that people might face and how to address them. Along with that, in the other portion we will be discussing the weird and wild topics and phenomenon that exists in this world. With that being said, I hope this can provide you with solutions to problems you may be facing in your life as well as expand your mind into thinking about some complex topics that don't get enough attention.