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...And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 71 || Paris Accord Goals Within Reach, Island in China Bans ALL Plastics Promotes Biodegradables, Dad Joke Leads to 15k Cookie Donated to Essential Workers, Dog Lost for 10 Days Found as Winter Storm Bears Down by A Drone, Dutch Man Invests Coffin that Turns Bodies into Mushrooms, Man Gifts Car to Substitute Teacher Starts Wave of Good Deeds, Son Invents App to Spare Father of PTSD Nightmares - Now Available to All Veterans, Pay It Forward Generosity at Dairy Queen Lasts for Two Days, Missing Boater Rescued 86 Miles from Land

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Temperature Analysis Shows UN Climate Goals ‘Within Reach’ Thanks to International Pledges

Island Province in China Bans All Disposable Plastics – And Rallies to Ramp Up Biodegradable Substitutes

What Started as a Joking Bake-off Between Dads Led to 15,000 Cookies Being Delivered to Essential Workers

Dog Was Lost in the Woods for 10 Days With a Winter Storm on the Way – But a Drone Saved the Day

Dutch Man Invents Coffin That Turns Bodies Into Mushrooms: ‘We are nutrients, not waste’

When a Man Gives a Car to a Substitute Teacher the Gift Ignites a Ripple of Good Deeds

Son Invents App To Stop Father With PTSD From Having Night Terrors. Now, It's Available To All Veterans

Customer's Act Of Kindness Sparks TWO DAY 'Pay It Forward' Chain At Diary Queen

Missing Boater Rescued 86 Miles From Shore Clinging To Capsized Boat: ‘I thought that was it’

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What is ...And Now the GOOD News?

Robert Brzezinski recaps and shares commentary of the GOOD news from around the world.