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Is face licking appropriate behavior in today's climate? How do you make food in someone's mouth? What are Despair vampires? Is Chad the best Chad? This episode with Broadway performer, playwright, and Television actor, Susan Blackwell covers all that and more.

Show Notes

Susan Blackwell is a Broadway and TV actor, who is also a playwright and host of the talk show, Side by Side by Susan Blackwell. Chad and Jeniffer talk with her about some of the outrageous things she's done on stage as well as her experience in the corporate world and ultimate escape from it. Susan explains how she maintains balance in her life and they talk creativity, impostor syndrome, and the vampires of self-doubt that plague even the most accomplished and seemingly self-confident of us. This one is engaging, hilarious and even has a really interesting deviled egg recipe.

Check out her acting reel here.
Her IMDB page is here.
Check out Side by Side with Susan Blackwell here.

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