The Bible as Literature

With all the silly memes floating around the internet about how to “live” your best life or how to live a “good” life, it was inevitable that people would talk about using Scripture to “live a good” life.

It’s an old lie, actually, and it was unavoidable that it would reappear. 

Oh, come on, Fr. Marc. You know what they mean.

Unfortunately, no. I do not. I do not speak Plato. I do not know what they “mean.” 

 I do, however, study what is written. 

If you are studying, hearing, listening, or otherwise memorizing Scripture in order to “live” a “good” life, you are on the wrong track. 

No one, Jesus said, is good. 

We submit to what is written because “it” is good, and we are not. 

We can never be “good.” That is why we submit and why I refuse to say, “I know what you mean.” 

I have no desire to know your gods because they validate your lies—like the fantasy that you can live a “good life” by following Scripture. 

Show me a man who is perfect like his heavenly Father, and I’ll introduce you to the depravity of your “rules-based” order. 

Psalm 78, Habibi. 

Free Palestine. 

Allahu Akbar. 
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What is The Bible as Literature?

Each week, Dr. Richard Benton, Fr. Marc Boulos and guests discuss the content of the Bible as literature. On Tuesdays, Fr. Paul Tarazi presents an in-depth analysis of the biblical text in the original languages.