Pickled Parables

Parable Ministries Presents: A Pickled Parables Study of James. Part 6: Real Faith is Challenged

Real faith faces challenges in this life, and overcomes them by the mercy and grace of God.
Scriptures Explored: James 4; Matthew 6:24; Proverbs 3:34; 1 John 3:23-24; Micah 6:8
RJ Olmstead is a central Arizonan who has set his heart to follow God’s calling into academia. Using an undergrad focus on Behavioral Health and Ministry, and an M.Div. focused on Intercultural Studies and Missiology, RJ strives to engage people on their own grounds for Christ and biblical thinking through his adjunct professorship at Arizona Christian University and partnerships with parachurch ministries, such as Pickled Parables. With his wife, Camryn, the two aim to provide firm, faithful ground for their community through hospitality, biblical literacy, and higher education.
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Music created by Chad Hoffman
Artwork created by Anthony Kuenzi

What is Pickled Parables?

Pickled Parables is a Bible teaching podcast where we study, contemplate and testify to the Bible’s incredible teachings and how it leads us to live a better life. Listen to pastors, professors, counselors, evangelists, and Bible scholars share their studies and meditations.