The Negotiation

In this episode of The Negotiation, I speak with Elliott Zaagman, Co-Host of the China Tech Investor podcast and full-stack media producer, executive coach, and international PR consultant. Today we discuss trends in China derived from stock market activities, why so many Chinese companies choose to list on American stock exchanges, and how foreign brands can better prepare themselves for partnering with Chinese companies.

Show Notes

The show kicked off with a quick background on how Elliott came to be in China and why he’s now splitting time between Beijing and Bangkok. Drawing on insights gained from his own podcast The China Tech Investor we then talk about some of the trends he’s seeing in China and how some of them can be attributed to the economic slowdown China has been experiencing, as well as a shift to enterprise as one of the few remaining low-hanging fruits a company can go after.

We then talk about why so many Chinese companies list on US stock exchanges and why they are still the preferred choice for companies to go IPO and the sandbox for investors to play in. I ask Elliott to name an area that he would still be confident in investing into and he explains why health care would be his number one choice (hint: it has something to do with the fact that no macro events can impact aging).

We also spent a bit of time discussing what the similarities and differences are between Chinese and Western companies, and which industries differ more than others in a comparison (hint 2: it’s not as much as you’d think), before delving into what foreign brands can do to reduce friction and enhance opportunities to partner with Chinese companies.

What is The Negotiation?

Despite being the world’s most potent economic area, Asia can be one of the most challenging regions to navigate and manage well for foreign brands. However, plenty of positive stories exist and more are emerging every day as brands start to see success in engaging and deploying appropriate market growth strategies – with the help of specialists.

The Negotiation is an interview show that showcases those hard-to-find success stories and chats with the incredible leaders behind them, teasing out the nuances and digging into the details that can make market growth in APAC a winning proposition.