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Bye-bye Portugal, hello to pastures new!

It's a new season, new beginnings and a new outlook on life as we have to grapple with players we don't know, in a league none of us have ever managed in, with a competition structure we're vaguely familiar with.

We're leaving the Algarve behind us and all the lovely trappings that come with life in Liga Bwin and we're moving further into mainland Europe to start season 10.

Just when he thinks he's out, Shane is the one in charge of drawing the teams for season 10 and unlike last season where we picked the top three teams and drew lots in the office, this time out he's gone all in - all 18 teams in this league straight into the finest cardboard box we could find in the recycling bin, all mixed up for the big draw with Ken drawing first, Robbie next and Shane third, based on our final league positions in Portugal.

There are accusations over transfers and scouting, someone's in the money, and someone's already applying for new jobs, but that's par for the course around these parts.

Let's get into season 10 of The Football Manager Football Show - follow the show on Twitter @fmfshow, keep an eye on our website for updates at or find Ken @tacticalmanager and Shane @sirsok1. A full season on and Robbie still isn't sharing his thoughts online.

Contains strong language. 

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Ken | #FMFShow
Football Manager content. Alter ego of @kenmcguire. Co-host weekly FM podcast @fmfshow. Writes about sport for a living. Currently: Kilkenny City, Benfica #FM23
Shane O'Keeffe
I get to do fun things. Proud founding member of Dicemen Productions and KCLR Sport presenter/producer amongst other things

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