Junior to Senior with David Guttman

David and Gregor discuss building and maintaining open-source software, how to be a valuable asset to your team, and growing through communication.

Show Notes

Talking Points:
  • Maintaining GitHub's official JavaScript SDK
  • Making users and developers life's easier
  • Being a valuable asset to your manager and team
  • Growth through communication
  • You are entitled to mentorship
Quotable Quotes:
  • "I would say you are entitled to mentoring." - GM
  • "You [Junior dev] have a unique perspective that I lost a long time ago" - GM
  • "It's an easy sell. If you say I can automate this with two hours of work." - GM
  • "Writing skills are so important besides the coding aspect itself." - GM
  • "Maybe you're out of university or boot camp or a career change, you still have to great perspective." - GM
  • "When you do any kind of interview, a question I would definitely ask is, what is your mentorship program?" - GM
  • "When you look over the shoulder of a more experienced developer, you will have so many points where you will be like...how did you do that?" - GM
octokit.js - GitHub's official JS SDK for their platform APIs:
A Twitter account tweeting issues for first-time contributors:
A complete backend for your apps:
Hood.ie's GitHub:
A whole community about landing open source contributions by @bdougie:
Gregor's Twitter:
Gregor's Github
Gregor's Helpdesk Show:
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