Discipling By Jesus

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After the Pilot, Robby and Ernie discuss how "Discipling by Jesus" represent Him as both Savior and Lord

Show Notes

After a successful first pilot of "Discipling by Jesus", Ernie and Robby touch base to see if they are on the same page about what should happen next, and how best to position it.  Robby suggests a focus on 'hearing and following Jesus", but Ernie propose "experience and respond to Jesus" as broader and more relational.

Robby shares his passion for ensuring movements are reaching people where they are -- especially their families -- rather than pulling them into an entirely new context.  Ernie also agrees with the need for  "redemptive incarnation," but prefers to make a family focus "exemplary" rather than "normative." He also talks about the initial DBJ workshop as onboarding onto a "missional social network," a platform where we build trust by seeing how people let Jesus deal with their weaknesses (not just their strengths).


What is Discipling By Jesus?

The only real answer is Jesus.
The only real problem is Sin.
The only real work is the Cross.
In the end, we only have Him.

Discipling by Jesus (DBJ) is a group "co-devotional" practice for encountering the crucified Christ. By working through His Word & Spirit, Body & Blood we explore greater depths of the Father’s love as we surrender to the Holy Spirit.