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ATD Houston 2019 Tech Conference Keynote Speaker Jane Bozarth, reveals how to "SHOW YOUR WORK: THE PAYOFFS AND HOW-TOS OF WORKING OUT LOUD", and why you should register for the conference at

Show Notes

Join Jane Bozarth at 2019 Tech Conference in Houston, TX on May 2, 2019.


We’ve all had the experience of finishing a workplace project to find out someone had already done it, or struggling to learn a new skill to find out too late that someone in the next department has an extensive background in it. As training practitioners we spend a great deal of time talking about how people learn, and how to help people learn, and how to use that learning to help organizations improve. But “learning” often looks like doing, and talking with others about what we’re doing. In this session we’ll look at what to narrate as well as how and when. The bottom line? To improve workplace learning and knowledge management we need to stop saying, “Tell me what you do” and start asking, “Please show me how you did that?" This keynote, chock full of examples, will help you understand what to share, and where, and when, and how we as workplace L&D practitioners can support better knowledge sharing across our organizations and our discipline.

Keynote Speaker:  Jane Bozarth has spent more than 2 decades in Learning and Development, from classroom trainer to online learning designer to eLearning Coordinator for North Carolina, USA state government. She's the author of many books, including "Social Media for Trainers", "Better than Bullet Points", and "From Analysis to Evaluation". Her abiding interest is in social and collaborative learning: the focus of her doctoral dissertation was tacit knowledge sharing in a community of practice. This interest inspired her latest book, "Show Your Work: The Payoffs and How-Tos of Working Out Loud". Dr. Bozarth currently serves as Director of Research for the eLearning Guild.

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