SALT - Conversations with Jenny

Geoff is an Irish lad who thought the last thing he would do was enter into full-time ministry on the other side of the world, but God had other plans - including using an ancient book to literally save his life.

Show Notes

Jenny Salt introduces us to Geoff Harper, a self-effacing Irishman with a love for the last book of the Bible most Christians get around to reading.

Geoff grew up an evangelical in a country steeped in Roman Catholicism. One thing he was certain of, his life would not be one spent in ministry.

But God had other ideas, and when Geoff found his true path it was a journey into the heart of the Old Testament.

There, Geoff would discover a life-long love for the book of Leviticus - a passion that would literally save his life.

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What is SALT - Conversations with Jenny?

Jenny Salt is a Christian academic, a graduate and former lecturer at Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC), and sweet-heart with a microphone. Join her on a forty-minute journey into someone’s amazing and often unexpected spiritual travels.

Missionaries and media makers, scientists and sportspeople, new agers and new migrants – Salt is a chance to enter into the lives of people and discover heart-warming, sometimes challenging and always extraordinary gospel stories.