Small Efforts - with Sean Sun and Andrew Askins

In this episode, Andrew pitches and a low-cost automated recruiting service with a flat fee, and Sean talks about his new self-care regime.

Show Notes

(0:27) Andrew got his first snow boots ever, and Sean is terrified of surfboarding
(4:36) Sean wishes he had an office-office, and Andrew's looking to hire a product designer
(10:14) Andrew’s new pitch: a low-cost, automated recruiting service with a flat fee
(19:58) There are many great online job boards out there, but Ziprecruiter is not one of them
(25:34) Coinbase's Super Bowl ad was a super clever campaign
(30:02) Andrew and Sean play a game using Krit's data on cybersecurity product names
(40:07) Sean’s new self-care regime: breathwork
(45:32) It's hard to know just how many people you should hire
(51:48) You can't build a business on something people don't want or don't know that they need
Thanks for listening to Small Efforts, a podcast collaboration between Krit and Miscreants. Shoutout to the Hatch Team and Mary Vuong for producing and editing.
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What is Small Efforts - with Sean Sun and Andrew Askins?

Two agency owners and friends talk about cybersecurity, design, and the continuous small efforts it takes to build a business.