Driving to the Rez - With Inelia Benz and Larry Buzzell

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As awakened light-beings, we can see more than others can and this causes our advice to often be dismissed (usually because there is no physical proof of what we are seeing), or we are totally misinterpreted. 

Topics covered in the episode: 
  • people hear things that are within their own paradigm
  • sometimes logic is not enough
  • what happens when we don't listen
  • you are the leaders
  • being proactive about being understood
  • unheard is not the same as not heard at all
  • hold the light at all times
  • receiving messages from Gaia, the Humand Collective or your Higher Self
  • what do we do when our co-creators don't listen?
  • removing the "agreement of being unheard"
  • giving up on being heard by most people
  • the artesian well at the Shamanshack project

What is Driving to the Rez - With Inelia Benz and Larry Buzzell?

The podcast where you learn how to get to your roots and take your power back. Be it UFOs, Sasquatch, Artificial Intelligence, Shamanism or Crystals no topic is off limits for Driving to the Rez.