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This right here is an episode about William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.

Show Notes

This right here is an episode about William Faulkner's _As I Lay Dying. _Sadly, our heroes had to record this episode with Jake M.I.A. So that was weird, and is hopefully a rare occurrence.

Left to their own devices, Nathan and Brandon ladle on the context, talking about everything from Faulkner's life to the Southern Renaissance in American literature to early Hollywood's penchant for misusing great writers.

Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O'Connor keep coming up, possibly because both our heroes love Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O'Connor. Plus, with Jake gone, Nathan and Brandon are finally free to reveal his secret shame to the world. IT WILL SHOCK YOU!

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Next we're reading The Complete Winnie the Pooh ... and after that _Boys of Blur _by ND Wilson (we switched the schedule around in order to do our (very very tiny) part for Wilson, given his recent severe medical troubles. We encourage everybody to buy a copy and read along.)

What is The Bookening?

3 guys—a pastor, a scholar, and their gleeful provocateur—discuss the great books. We take God and literature seriously—but the second one not overly so.