Uri L'Tzedek: Orthodox Social Justice

Introduction to Transitional Justice: From Theory to Practice

Show Notes

Dr. Rav Alexandra (Eliora) Peretz at Uri L'Tzedek: "Introduction to Transitional Justice: From Theory to Practice"

This class presents the main system used in academia when dealing with transitional justice. The overarching purpose of transitional justice is to investigate past human rights violations such as ethnic cleansing, genocides, crimes against humanity, and human rights abuses, 
as well as to (re-)establish justice. This class investigates the most recent research on political and cultural initiatives taken to 
reach transitional justice in various countries. 

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What is Uri L'Tzedek: Orthodox Social Justice?

Uri L’Tzedek is an Orthodox social justice organization guided by Torah values and dedicated to combating suffering and oppression. Through community-based education, leadership development, and action, Uri L’Tzedek creates discourse, inspires leaders, and empowers the Jewish community towards creating a more just world.