Office Hours LIVE: Ask AROYA Anything

Seth Baumgartner and Jason Van Leuven answer crop steering questions live.

0:00 Office Hours Live Ep. 23
1:40 How do you handle gen steering during the first week of flower. My plants aren't rooted in.
4:18 What do you do when plants are drying back too hard?
7:28 More about flower, after stretch...
11:40 More about pruning and how AROYA can help.
15:15 More about clone rooting & drybacks
19:15 What are your feelings on increasing light to influence DLI?
20:53 Crop steering in CEC? Can you say more about VWC data in peat and organic growing matter?
25:50 Do purple stems and slow growth have anything to do with port EC and water content in soil?
29:00 Why does the TEROS 12 sensor still read at 60% when fully submerged?
33:44 Can you speak to osmotic pressure and how it relates to room VPD?
42:00 Would you recommend pre-soaking pots (coco) before loading plants?

What is Office Hours LIVE: Ask AROYA Anything?

Seth Baumgartner and Jason Van Leuven open the mics for your cultivation questions about AROYA.