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This special edition of "Drink Beer, Think Beer" talks about the plan for this new Beer Edge Podcast.

Show Notes

Unless you live under a rock and this podcast is the only way you get your news, you know that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic for the COVID-19 virus. 
Seems like not too long ago there were memes about Corona bottles wearing surgical masks and now we’re being asked to isolate at home. It’s a real threat that has come to our states and towns and it’s having a huge impact on the brewing industry. 
Breweries are being shut down and prohibited from operating their taprooms. Some are offering to go options to help bring some money in from the lost business. Others have already laid off or furloughed employees. 
Conferences like the annual Craft Brewers Conference and bi-annual World Beer Cup have been called off for this year. Festivals like Hunahpu's were canceled. 
It’s going to get worse.

As the economy suffers and more virus cases come to light, breweries could stay closed for weeks, months, or forever.  
The news is moving fast so it seemed odd to do just a regular show this week, so we are switching it up. 
Host John Holl has been talking with brewers from around the country as part of the Beer Edge coverage and has recorded a few of the interviews.

This episode starts with Patrick Rue from The Bruery. 
Then Andy Crouch chimes in with an interview he did with attorney Michael Boyer. 
After that the show heads down south to talk with Sean Lilly Wilson of Fullsteam Brewery and then wraps up welcoming back Andy so he and John can talk about what we have planned going forward – not only for this show but for Beer Edge coverage in general.

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  • Host: John Holl
  • Guests: Patrick Rue, Andy Crouch, Sean Lilly Wilson, and Michael Boyer
  • Tags: beer, craft beer, legal, COVID-19, California, North Carolina, News

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A weekly dive into the business and culture of beer. Hosted by Andy Crouch and John Holl, The Beer Edge podcast provides listeners with unparalleled insights into the beer industry. Our mission is to provide consumers and industry players alike with a fresh and unfiltered look at the world of better, flavorful beer. We seek to capture the essence and passion of brewers, both big and small, foreign and domestic, each of whom has a distinctive and colorful story to go along with the beautiful beers they produce.