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Jamie Crummie is the co-founder of Too Good To Go, the world’s largest marketplace for surplus food. Too Good To Go is now active in 15 countries and has over 29 million users who have rescued over 53 million meals collectively.
Jamie was named One Young World’s Entrepreneur of the Year in August 2020 and was one of
Forbes 30 Under 30 in Europe in February 2019.
In this episode, I talk to Jamie to learn more about the food waste problem and their journey from 9 people to 720 people and 29 million users.

Show Notes

  • [0.49] - Your journey to founding Too Good To Go?
  • [2:19] - Background on the food wastage problem
  • [9:06] - How can businesses be more sustainable?
  • [11:59] - What is a B Corp, who can get it, and what is its value?
  • [12:58] - What are the trends you see from one city to another based on app downloads and transactions?
  • [18:27] - How does Too Good To Go work?
  • [22:14] - Why did you scale so fast and what were the challenges you faced?
  • [25:11] - What are the specific challenges you faced from scaling so quickly?
  • [28:32] - How did you address the impact to your organization when the pandemic disrupted your business significantly?
  • [32:09] - How big is this opportunity for VCs and what is the VC landscape like?
  • [33:38] - How does food waste innovation in Europe compare to other geos?

Too Good to Go

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The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

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