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Jennifer Hourihane from Oathello joins us to talk about bringing technology to the execution of legal documents....and her love of farming!

Show Notes

Kindly sponsored by Ireland’s Fintech and financial services recruitment specialists: Top Tier Recruitment 

Jennifer Hourihane is founder and CEO at Oathello

Oathello is a Barclays Techstars Company that accelerates the signing, execution and completion of documents online for the financial system, operating a database that combines leading technology with industry intelligence to provide solutions for every instance where signing, execution and completion of documents is legally required  for the movement of assets, debt, capital and transactional efficiency within the financial system      

Oathello is a Barclays Techstars Alumni Company (2018 cohort) and has been cited as one of the markets most promising FinTech and RegTech products to emerge from Ireland and the UK with Global potential. Our established partnerships with major financial institutions and other technology firms has ensured Oathello is leading the way in modernising the notary and document certification market. 

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