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Today’s guest is Blaine Feyen, Head of Community and Chief Evangelist at True Footage. Blaine joins Ethan Beute and shares his philosophy behind and approach to developing your own teachable point of view – based on experience, not on opinion – as the foundation of effective evangelism.

Blaine emphasizes how important it is to believe in what you are doing and how you can help people. This feeds the human function of trust, authenticity, and energy. It’s the fuel that helps others believe, too. He shares virtual and in-person tactics he’s used to building community and spread belief.

  • The most important job for a Chief Evangelist is to believe. You must have an unwavering unquestioning belief in solving problems and the ability to express it with energy and inspiration.
  • Expressing sincere belief can inspire others around you. When you believe in something, you build this trust that you can help spread amongst others.
  • When Blaine was younger, he became interested in the martial art Aikido, which involves blending and using others’ energy to resolve conflicts. He learned through the process to make others better than himself – something that serves him well today.
  • From his instructor's advice, Blaine realized that evangelism helps other humans grow, develop, and evolve. Blaine built several businesses in those terms of helping others.
  • Blaine’s strategy with his company is to evangelize the mission and the vision without evangelizing the product. He shares ways he does this internally and externally.

Quote of the Show:
  • “When I believe in something, the belief is deeply tied to helping other human beings grow and develop.”

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