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In this episode of the B2B Digitized Podcast, you’ll be introduced to Sam Mallikarjunan, CEO of OneScreen.ai.

Show Notes

Sam Mallikarjunan helps build organizations that drive growth. Sam learned marketing while hosting an AM/FM talk radio show about cigars in Florida because cigar companies kept asking him to help with "the internet". He dropped out of college at the University of South Florida (where he's not a Faculty Chair) and taught Advanced Digital Marketing at Harvard University. Prior to OneScreen.ai, Sam was the Head of Growth at Hubspot Labs and Chief Revenue Officer at Flock.com.

On his LinkedIn profile, Sam says, “When I look back on my career, it's not the impossible goals I've personally hit or big competitors I've personally beaten that make me the proudest. My greatest definition of professional success is that if I were hit by an asteroid today, I could go to that great CRM in the sky knowing I'd still had an immeasurable impact on the world because of the incredible impact the people I've helped grow will have on the world.”

Listen to the full episode of the B2B Digitized Podcast to learn more about:

  • Aligning sales and marketing teams
  • Clearing  your mind to do something that is a little different
  • Creating different ads/videos for different mediums
  • Encouraging marketers to use more data
  • Establishing relationships with people outside of your pod
  • Increasing customer retention

What is B2B Digitized Podcast?

Learn how to use digital transformation to differentiate, educate, build trust, improve competitive positioning, close sales faster without compromise, and scale revenue growth.

Get step-by-step insights on how to build a media company for your niche that positions your brand and your team to win in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace.

The primary audience is CEOs of U.S.-based B2B technology startups and scaleups that work in and around data centers, AI SaaS, and accounting and finance technology.