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Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer’s biggest playlists are growing — both in terms of follower count and also track count — but what does that mean for artists looking to land a big add?.... @chartmetric #chartmetric #musicbusiness #musicindustry #dataallday #spotify #applemusic #deezer #playlists #streaming #emergingartists

Show Notes

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    • Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer’s biggest playlists are growing — both in terms of follower count and also track count — but what does that mean for artists looking to land a big add?
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    • Good morning, it’s Rutger here at Chartmetric with your 3-minute Data Dump where we upload charts, artists and playlists into your brain so you can stay up on the latest in the music data world.
    • We’re on the socials at “chartmetric”, that’s Chartmetric, no “S ”- follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and talk to us! We’d love to hear from you.
  • Feature: Labels Page
    • Hey Rutger, it’s Jason — sorry to interrupt, but can I just do a quick product update? 
    • Of course, what’s up?
    • Thanks, man. Hi Chartmetric fans, you may or may not have gotten a chance to check out the new Labels Page feature that we discussed in the last podcast episode this week.
    • We’ve temporarily pulled the feature back from its soft release because we just don’t think it’s up to the music analytics standard we strive for.
    • If you’ve been with us for some time, you’ve seen how dedicated we are to innovating and as we say in the tech world, sometimes “breaking things”.
    • Well, we’ve gotten a lot of your feedback and realize that we jumped the gun a bit early and we need to better clean, organize and visualize the label metadata that we have, which is what we do best.
    • So we recognize the issue, and we are working swiftly to bring the Labels Page back with verve and more importantly, accuracy!
    • Back to our regularly scheduled program, take it away, Rutger!
    • Thanks, Jason!
  • Date
    • This is your Data Dump for Friday, August 2nd, 2019.
  • How 2019’s Playlist Growth Might Affect Emerging Artists
    • These days, getting onto streaming’s top playlists is sort of the name of the game.
    • It really determines the visibility of emerging artists and cements the longevity of established ones.
    • So, it got us wondering…. What’s been going on on the top playlists in 2019?
    • Hitting the Playlists tab on the Chartmetric homepage brings up tons of playlist information for Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon.
    • From there, we can compare everything going on when it comes to the playlists claiming the top spots across a number of different measurements.
    • On Spotify, Today’s Top Hits maintains the highest follow number, starting the year off with 22.3M and hitting 23.6M by the end of June.
    • That’s 5.8 percent increase for that six month period.
    • On Deezer, Les Titres Du Moment claims the top follower spot, and over the same period, experienced only about 1 percent growth from 9.8M followers to 9.9M followers.
    • Digging in a bit deeper, we can also compare playlist length, aka number of tracks.
    • For that six month period, for example, Spotify’s Hot Country playlist grew 31.4 percent in length, while Apple Music’s The A-List: Pop playlist grew the same amount.
    • But those aren’t the highest numbers. 
    • Spotify’s EDM-focused Mint playlist grew 35.8 percent, and Apple’s Hip-Hop-oriented Gymflow playlist grew 66.7 percent.
    • Overall, Apple added more tracks to its top playlists than Spotify did — about 11 percent vs. 23 percent, to be exact. 
    • The growth of these playlists, both in terms of follower count and also track count, means a higher chance of an emerging artist landing on one of them and a significant increase in visibility if they do.
    • However, it also makes it more likely that they get lost in the noise, making it hard to capitalize on an otherwise super exciting add.
    • Knowing the genre breakdown of tracks and also the country distribution of artists can help, but we’ll have to save that for another episode. 
    • You can also tell us what you find by doing your own digging at!
  • That’s it for your Daily Data Dump for Friday, August 2nd, 2019. This is Rutger from Chartmetric.
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  • Happy Friday, have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week!

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