CSU Spur of the Moment

What does it mean to be the Chancellor of a state university system? Dr. Tony Frank joined CSU in 1993 and served in a variety of capacities before becoming university President in 2008. In 2015 he moved into a dual role as president and chancellor of the CSU System — a network of three degree-granting campuses, as well as the CSU Spur campus in Denver, and the CSU Todos Santos Center in Baja California Sur, Mexico. 

What is CSU Spur of the Moment?

The CSU Spur of the Moment Podcast tackles the issues of food, water, health, and sustainability by talking with people making a difference in these fields and exploring the unique pathways that have led them to their current roles. Hosted by the Colorado State University System's new Spur campus in Denver, this podcast builds on its mission of addressing global challenges through research collaboration, experiential education, and a shared vision of inspiring the next generation.