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How can digital money rock blockchain's and everyone else's world?

Show Notes

Let's be honest, blockchain would not receive so much hype from the community or general public if it wasn't for cryptocurrencies. The first blockchain stories that shook the news outlets were, in fact, about bitcoin - the most famous one of the crypto world. As a consequence, in the beginnings of blockchain development, system features were identified as they were features of the currency itself.

Even so, bitcoin was a precedent to what we today understand as a decentralized way of transferring value from one end of the world to another - fast, secure and without intermediaries. As it continues to be one of the most important aspects of blockchain technology, Ivan and Luka discuss its potentials for the future of the blockchain adoption.

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What is Blockchain from the Block?

Discovering the world of blockchain technology and its potential, from the former Eastern block to the West - it's Blockchain from the Block, your weekly block of blockchain inspiration!