Breaking Free - A Body, Mind, Spirit Approach to Mental Health

Sometimes you read a book and it speaks to your soul. In this episode I will take you on my wisdom journey with Dr. Edith Edger, a survivor the holocaust and eventual trauma therapist, who mirrored to me the importance of courageously moving toward suffering in order to heal in her book “The Choice.”

Dr. Edger explains that it is a common response to run from or hide from your experiences of pain and shame; however, time does not heal trauma but rather deliberately turning towards your suffering and accepting it does. We will discuss how healing is possible when we take responsibility for our own painful experience, have compassion on ourselves, and choose to release the wound by staying with body-felt experience and retelling our story in the present. In this episode, I will walk you through principles and skills of self-healing modeled by this master therapist, and that I have seen work in my own life and the lives of many I have had the privilege to walk beside in their healing journey.

Show Notes

This Episode is a beautiful healing conversation about how we must courageously move towards our own suffering with compassion in order to be free of it. We will discuss the life work of Dr. Edith Eva Edgar, a survivor of Auschwitz during the holocaust.  I will describe how her book, "The Chosen," caused me to further reflect on the universal principles found both in her journey and what I have seen in my individual growth and professional healing work with clients. 

We will discuss how when "we deliberately turn towards suffering rather than averting our gaze," we are able to finally witness our pain and process the stuck parts of our story. No healing journey is exactly the same, however, all require us to first take personal responsibility for own feelings.  We must move out towards the process of avoiding those emotions, projecting our pain onto others, and to see our part in creating the dynamics that we create with our current relationships. We will talk about how we often re-enact our trauma or continuously repeat the past story of pain in current relationships until we move to accept our story and process both the beliefs and emotions we have stored in both our bodies and in our minds. We will go over the skill of "notice, accept, check, and stay" as taught by Dr. Edgar and use this skill to walk through a self compassion and self healing meditation at the end of this episode. I hope you will have the courage to join me for this conversation of how move toward your intention of healing and growth. 

What is Breaking Free - A Body, Mind, Spirit Approach to Mental Health?

Podcast hosted by Licensed Professional Counselor, Sommer A. Seitz, MA, LMHC for Whole Women Link Association.