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Show Notes

I truly believe that CURIOSITY is the birthplace of knowledge and creativity… it’s a gateway to awe & wonder – for the world around us— allowing us to experience the familiar, as if for the first time. It has been called the insight emotion, the key to life-long learning and recent studies have even cited it as the antidote to anxiety & depression.
If we’re all born with this innate sense of curiosity, why do most of us lose touch with it in our teenage years? I know that in my own life, I felt like my experiences at school nearly crushed many of my interests... And in our productivity obsessed culture I struggle to justify investing time or money into something that doesn’t have a defined outcome... 
So really this podcast is a personal journey to turn the lens of curiosity back on itself, to find out how courageous humans have dared to take it more seriously and exploring insights that the rest of us can learn from their journeys.
In Season One you can expect fireside conversations with the TED speaker and poet David Whyte, you’ll learn how astronomy is a lens for understanding yourself with a NASA researcher Kevin Hainline, how Yoga can be a technology for cultivating better humans with Karina Guthrie, and thoughts on curiosity from 12 year old conscious fashion designer Hanalei Swan.
Each guest will share a beautiful and mind-expanding question for you to take with you on your own adventures hopefully leaving you a little bit more curious than you were before.
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What is Curious Humans with Jonny Miller?

Deep dive conversations that celebrate self-experimentation and ask what it means to cultivate embodied wisdom.