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Author and sports' coaches' coach J.P. Nerburn joins the show to discuss his book The Culture System and ideas for improving your team's culture and instilling larger impact on your people.

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Creators & Guests

Jake Thompson
Keynote Speaker, Author, & the Chief Encouragement Officer of Compete Every Day.

What is Compete Every Day with Jake Thompson | A Show for Driven Leaders?

The show for driven leaders who want to maximize their performance & pursue greatness. Discover how you can build the mindset + leadership skills required to maximize your impact & the output of your team each week with Compete Every Day's Jake Thompson.

Learn what mental, habitual, & influential skills elite leaders leverage to succeed in their professional and personal lives. Our episodes are motivating - but they go beyond a fire that fades by providing actual takeaways that both new & experienced leaders can implement to create a competitive edge within themselves & their organizations.

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