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Drone whistleblower Brandon Bryant talks about his local activism against Tax Increment Financing in Missoula, Montana.

Show Notes

Brandon Bryant faced 10 years in prison for his role in bringing voice to a community's frustration over the us of Tax Increment Financing in Missoula, Montana.  After being quickly acquitted by a jury of his peers in July, Brandon sits down with Travis Mateer to discuss the activism that nearly landed him in prison.  This local eruption of outrage was covered by Travis on his blog Reptile Dysfunction.  Here are a few examples:  Why is Mayor Engen Fast-Tracking The Riverfront Triangle Development And Why Doesn't Local Media Care?; Who Is Brandon Bryant And Why Is He Banned From City Property?; Heather Harp's Letter To Brandon Bryant Has Yet To Be Reported By Missoula Current; Three More Missoula City Council Members Call For Compassion For Brandon Bryant; If Brandon Bryant Had Killed A Homeless Person Instead Of Using Threatening Language Would He Still Be Sitting In Jail?; and finally (but not conclusively) A Zoom Town Conversation With Brandon Bryant (Video)

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