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Today We talk to an educator and experienced photographer of 24 years Jim Landers. He is the founder of Lander's Photography School where he has educated aspiring photographers. Today we talk about how we can start a photography business and most importantly how to be profitable.

Show Notes

 • Seven teachers 
• Over 120 class titles 
• "Portrait Profits" show with Digital Pro Lab -live-streamed every Monday 
• "Photo SA" camera club with 1800 members (brought in over 250 speakers) 
• The Annual San Antonio Photography Tournament 
• "Lunch with Landers" (I take one photographer to lunch with me every Tuesday) 
• "Photo Tips Monthly" show with Since 1997 

Jim has hosted over 400 photography events, taught over 4000 San Antonio photographers, and I have been generally doing anything that can uplift the photographer community, most recently as a board member on "Elevate Exhibition" (you may have seen it on KENS 5). A part-timer since 1983 and a full-time photographer since he earned his degree in photography in 1991, Jim Landers is married to Robin who has been active in the business for many years, and they have two boys (young adults) neither of which is interested in photography as a profession! Jim has photographed nearly 200,000 portraits, over 300 Weddings, has photographed multiple Fortune 500 CEOs, Ambassadors from foreign Countries, Two US Presidents, every San Antonio Mayor since Cisneros (in the '80s), and he even has a portrait in the national museum, the Smithsonian Institution. Although he has one of the highest sales averages of any local portrait photographer ($3800) he loves something about photography even more: sharing it and helping others enhance their passion. Over 4000 photographers both amateur and pro have attended his classes, had private classes with him, and have gone to his events. For those who want to make a living in photography: He has the only complete photography and business program in San Antonio to assist photographers along their path to make photography their full-time job, called the “Career Photographer” program: over 300 classroom hours. Position Statement: I help low-volume portrait photographers turn their passion for photography into an exciting career bringing in at least $10k per month with as few as just one client per week while increasing both your confidence and free time. Success suggestion: YOU define what success is to you, family and friends do NOT get to do this for you. They love you, but they are not on the path you are on, and they have no ability to understand the passion that exists within you. There are lots of successes in your life. But all success comes because you consistently and continuously do these five things: 
1. Define/know who you are 
2. Define/know your destination 
3. Create a path to get to your destination 
4. Get on that path with determination and a bit of stubbornness 
5. Tweak as you go 
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