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A discussion with Patrick Loepfe, founder & chairman of Gentwo, a Swiss securitization platform for bankable, non-bankable and digital assets. Gentwo is disrupting the securitization business dominated by banks - listen in to find out how!

Show Notes

Patrick Loepfe is the founder and Chairman of Gentwo, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Gentwo provides securitization of all assets; bankable and non-bankable assets, including digital assets with a Swiss ISIN off-balance sheet. 

We talk about:
  • What is Gentwo? What do they do? Securitization of what assets? Bankable, non-bankable, and digital assets (Gentwo vs. Gentwo Digital)
  • Why Gentwo? What's their unique selling point
  • Target clients and key markets
  • Regulation and liability: not regulated and not liable for investment performance and why
  • How did the pandemic affect Gentwo's business so far?
  • Passion projects: financing production of the content for streaming services like Netflix or sustainability
  • Gentwo's journey as of today: fundraising, hiring, expansion plans
  • Best way to find out more

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