Industrial tech gets the spotlight at the Sixth Sense Summit, the future of tech visas in the UK is uncertain as Tech Nation winds down, AI is entering the legal system, and Europe gets in the reusable space capsule race.

Show Notes

Up this week:

03:00: Scaling startups showcase cutting-edge Industrial tech at the Sixth Sense Summit
09:10: The end of an era as Tech Nation to cease operations as of March 31st
17:33: Robots aren't representing us in court but here are 7 legal tech startups transforming the legal system
21:56: In no way boring, spacetech startup The Exploration Company lands €40.5 million

And this doesn't even dive into our conversation about dongles, being left-handed, the Mac Mini M2 vs. the Mac Studio M1, Italy, and a whole lot more on this week's Drive at Five!

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